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PostSubject: Recruitment   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:13 pm

JIGOKUna is currently recruiting all jobs. You must have at least 1 75 proper subs leveled. Must be willing to attend JIGOKUna's dynamis and limbus. If your are interested please PM the info asked for in the questions below.

We are currently looking, with emphasis, on Whm, Brd, and damage dealing DD. However we will consider all jobs.

Character Information:
1.) Character Name :
2.) Jobs 70+ :
3.) Main Job :
3a.) Available Subjobs for Main :
4). Secondary Job (If Aplicable) :
4a.) Available Subjobs for Secondary :
5.) Are there any of your 70+ jobs you refuse to play (Retired)? :

Mission/Event/Rank Related:
6.) Sky Experience? (Yes/No) :
7.) Sea Experience? (Yes/No) :
8.) Dynamis Experience? (Yes/No) :
8a.) Dynamis Zones Cleared :
9.) Limbus Experience? (Yes/No) :
10.) Einherjar Experience? (Yes/No) :
11.) Land HNM Experience? (Yes/No) :
12.) Current Nationality and Rank:
12a.) Other Nations / Rank available : N/A
13.) Current CoP Mission :
14.) Current Zilart Mission :
15.) Current ToAU Mission :
16.) Current WoTG Mission :
16a.) WoTG Nation Afiliation :

Other Questions:
17.) Timezone : GMT
18.) Days/Times available :
18a.) Are you punctual? (Y/N) : Yes
19.) Noteable FFXI Acomplishments:
20.) Were you referred by a JIGOKUni Member/Officer? (If yes, who?) :
21.) Reason for applying :
22.) Open Comments :
23.) Previous LS And Or Server(s):
24.) Reason for leaving:

Please PM all apps to Perdy.
Please do not apply:
If you don't have 1 of the jobs listed here, you do not plan on being an active member and/or do not meet the requirements. After your app is received it will be reviewed , it may take a about a week for us to get back to you with our answer .
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